Two Tension Rope Systems 
& Artificial High Directionals

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The Introduction to Two Tension Rope Systems with Artificial High Directionals Mini-Course was specifically designed around the needs of the Volcano Rescue Team (VRT). A heavy focus was placed on the use and construction of the Arizona Vortex, a new piece of equipment for the team. 

In conjunction with artificial high directional work, a large amount of two tension system, knot craft, and high angle offsets are covered. All of these together allowed for an exclusive course delivered around the cutting edge of high angle rescue techniques currently being used by the industry.

Course Ingredients We Aim To Unpack

Arizona Vortex AHD Systems
Arizona Vortex principles and physics (constructed as an Easel A-frame and Sideways A-frame)

Two Tension Systems
How to use two tension rope systems with multi-purpose devices.

Deflections and Offsets
How to operate several different high angle offsets to include tracking line, two rope, and deflection (dynamic directional)
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